17051 Bio-Pin Ball, Large 2500 count

  • State of the art filter media for use in fresh and salt water wet/dry systems.
  • They may be connected together or randomly placed in the filter box.
  • Bio-Pin Balls help produce turbulence, aiding in the gas-exchange process.
  • The void space between the Bio-Pins is ideal for the movement of gasses like oxygen and allows it to more-readily come in contact with nitrifying bacteria living on the media surface.
  • Biological filtration is the process by which waste is broken down from toxic ammonia to less toxic nitrates.
  • The suggested usage is 1 gallon of Bio-Pin Balls per 20 gallons for salt water or 35 gallons freshwater.
    • Each Bio-Pin Ball has 150 Bio-Pins (drip points).
    • There are 74 balls per gallon.
    • One Cu. Ft. of media has approximately 130 Sq. Ft. of surface area.