20059 Connect-a-Tube

Description Ideal for hamsters, gerbils, dwarf hamsters and mice.

  • By nature, most pets love to tunnel - they will delight in exploring the bridge created by Lee's Connect-a-Tube!
  • Connect one Kritter Keeper to another and double habitat space in an instant!
  • Use one Kritter Keper for food and reserve the other for nesting and sleeping.
"Think of it as a hallway to a whole new apartment."

Connect-a-Tube FITS the following Lee's items:

20020 - Kritter Keeper, Medium, Rectangle
20025 - Kritter Keeper, Large, Rectangle
20086 - HerpHaven, Medium
20088 - HerpHaven, Large
20045 - Reptile Ranch, Round
20050 - Reptile Ranch, Small
20055 - Reptile Ranch, Large