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Herp Habitat® II with Label

  • Bow-front terrarium with a built-in, elevated basking platform, also includes unique built-in climbing wall as alternative access to basking area. Canopy punch-outs for AC electric cord. Locking canopy features a large, fixed, metal screen for ventilation
  • Use wet or dry
  • Ideal for these and other species:
    • Salamanders, Firebelly Newts
    • Small Snakes: Green Snakes, Garter Snakes & Ribbon Snakes
    • Toads: Firebelly Toads & Poison Arrow Frogs
    • Small Desert Lizards: Swifts, Curly Tails & Small Skinks
    • Frogs & Tadpoles
    • Tarantula
  • Outside Dimensions: 17 1/2" W x 13 3/16" D x 8" H