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Protein Skimmer, Counter Current, Medium

  • 16.13" High - Up to 50 Gallons
For use in Saltwater Fish Tanks and Reef Tanks, Lee's® Counter Current Protein Skimmers help prevent toxic tank syndrome by removing proteins and other organics before they turn into nitrogen compounds or other toxins that may be harmful to aquarium inhabitants. Through ADSORPTION, protein and other organic compounds in the water form a coating around bubbles as they rise to the top. The resulting foam floods over the top of the foam riser tube and is captured in the collection cup before it can re-enter the aquarium.
  • Easily adjusted, low maintenance protein skimmers come pre-assembled, with 2-way plastic valves and hanger included.
Advantages of Counter-Current:
Better Water Flow, More Effective Mixing, and Longer Contact Time
Water enters at the top of the skimmer and is drawn downward, using the full length and diameter of the Contact Chamber. When the bubbles produced by the air diffuser travel upward against the downward water flow, a spiraling turbulence is created. The turbulence causes air bubbles and water to mix for an extended period of time. This allows organics to be extracted more efficiently. Contact time is also increased by using the tallest Protein Skimmer that your aquarium will accommodate.